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Euro Flight Guide is your guide to low cost airlines and Airports within Europe... Europe’s flight finder...Most air travellers in Europe are now aware of the cheap flights and how to find a cheap airline ticket, however as the low cost airline scene in Europe is constantly changing it is wise to do your research here at Europe’s Guide to Flights to ensure that you get the cheapest flight ticket that best suits your travel departure date. Why not fly from your Local UK Airport and if you are travelling by car to the airport, consider staying over the night before. This Euro Flights Guide gives you information on cheap flights, budget airlines (the no frills airlines), hotel information and a selection of accommodation options which you can view according to your requirements. Select your low-cost airport from which you wish to fly and find your Airline options. If it is an early morning flight, try staying over the night before in an Airport Hotel, you fly out much more relaxed. This option may also include free or cheaper Parking. We at euroflightguide suggest that you enquire about this saving.

Although the day of the cheap flights and low cost airfare is under threat and may even be gone as oil prices continue to rise and give all .com airlines including the low cost airlines a great difficulty in maintaining recent low prices. However at the moment low cost flights still offer superb value throughout the year with an range of cheap flights to ALICANTE, MALAGA & BARCELONA and other holiday airports in SPAIN & the rest of Europe.

We are fortunate that in the UK and EUROPE that we have a number of Low Cost Airlines competing against each other in addition to the higher cost carriers. The two main low cost budget airlines are Ryanair and Easyjet which both have an extensive range of cheap budget flights within the UK and also in Europe. Ryanair has also indicated that it hopes to offer Trans Atlantic air routes in the future.

In the meantime both Ryanair and Easyjet, the first two airlines to promote on-line booking, have established bases throughout continental Europe to allow early morning flights to operate from Europe into the UK. these are featured in this low cost flight guide

The other main Low Cost Airlines operating from the UK are FlyBe, Monarch, Jet2, and Wizzair

All of the above Airlines provide schedule flights to the holiday hot spots of Europe. The most popular destinations being Alicante and Malaga. There are 30 scheduled flights per day from Malaga to the UK each day in addition to those Charter Flights which may also operate. There are now a number of people who commute on “comflights” between the UK and Spain & Portugal.

airport stay alert


PERSONAL SAFETY When you reach your Holiday Airport please stay alert and be aware of the potential hazards for your Personal safety and the security of your luggage and money. Unfortunately there are many scams designed to part you and your belongings particularly at the start of your Holiday as well as at other times throughout your stay. Your cheap flight to Spain will not seem so good if you loose your money or posessions as soon as you come off your holiday flight or during your stay in Spain or at your holiday destination

airport lost luggage

So what do you do when your luggage does not turn up on the carousel ? If it happens you will probably find that you are not alone and that there may be others in the same position. That being the case the faster you get to the lost luggage counter the better.

If this is your first visit to a particular airport, prior to the discovery that your bags are missing it would be a good idea to have had a look around to see where the luggage claims counter is located. You can do this while you are waiting for the carousel to be loaded.

If you are a transit passenger and your bags were transferred from one airline to another without you re checking your baggage in for the last flight it is normally the responsibility of the last carrier to solve your problem regardless of at which point your bags disappeared.


Do not panic and shout if your luggage does not arrive on the carousel you bags may not be lost but just delayed. At claims counter beware of misinformation and question every statement made by the baggage claim staff. Try and get them to confirm that they have located your bag in their system and if it is still at the originating airport, precisely which flight will it be following on. You want to know its arrival time and when it will be delivered to you at the airport, if you decide to wait for it, or at your holiday location.

Most airlines require a 24 hour delay before they consider providing compensation to allow you to buy new clothes

98% of all lost luggage turns up in four or five days with most being found withi 48 hours. If your luggage disappeared on you return flight home the airlines tend not to be so concerned as they know that you can cope with the loss better at home in that they will not have to provide much in the way of temporary assistance as yo will have everything you need at home.

Some airlines now have websites where you can check with a tracking number as to the status of your lost bag. Other airlines require you to keep in touch by phone.

Ask the airline when is the soonest that they might get an update on the bags location.


under the terms of the Warsaw Convention (1920), you can claim compensation for lost or damaged luggage , unless the airline can demonstrate that they took all reasonable precautions. The compensation is not generous (15 per kilo of lost luggage). So perhaps if your bags are valuable there is an argument for getting good insurance cover. If your luggage is lost or delayed on the outbound flight you can claim the cost of replacement of overnight requirements such as toiletries etc. If your luggage is damaged, you must complain within 7 days of collecting the luggage.

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airport cheap flights

FIND A CHEAP FLIGHT                 

There are now many options for cheap travel with the advent of low cost airlines which now fly from a number of local Regional Airports. These airlines may make early booking offers to launch the start of the season’s schedule and depending on booking levels further offers may be made during the season and again at the end if they require to fill the aircraft. It may not be the cheapest time to book at the start of the booking period unless you have to travel during the school holidays. Bear in mind that some schedule airlines do not reduce their fares in the last two weeks before departure as they work on the premise that if you have to travel on a particular date then you will be prepared to pay the full asking price.

In this guide to cheap flights and low cost airlines we hope that yo will find a fliight bargain. We certainly aim to give you hot flight tips to sve you money on your holiday and business airline travel

airport cheap flights


In the main the Budget Airlines tend to operate from Low Cost Regional Airports which can be an advantage to the average holiday maker. These Airports are usually more local and easier to get to and when there the cost parking and other services can be less. As the Regional Airport is often less busy you will probably find the whole experience more enjoyable and less stressful

In the UK examples of quieter airports from which to fly are Glasgow Prestwick Airport and Durham Tees Valley Airport. Glasgow Prestwick Airport also has its own railway station giving direct access to the Airport Terminal. Prestwick is a Ryanair Base and is also served by Wizzair.

Ryanair’s main UK hub is London Stansted Airport with Easyjet having London Luton as its main UK base. Both also operate out of London Gatwick Airport, these three Airports can not be considered Regional Airports or stress free.

airport parking


The main LOW COST AIRLINES currently operating in the UK are Easyjet, Ryanair, Monarch, BMI Baby, Jet2, FlyBe, Wizzair, Clickair, Air Berlin, for a more complete list click HERE



Malaga Airport expansion work is now complete, however it will be another year before the second runway is complete

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